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Shazam! ew special comic scam cover: “It’s a big encounter with Superman”-Comic Con-2019

Shazam | Zachary Levi | 2019

Zachary Levi to Wear Shazam’s suit

Zachary Levy gives off a perfect Shazam ! Pitch: “It’s Superman meets Big !” Declares a lovable former Chuck Star that narrows down to the perfect suit for the skin to play a true superhero worthy of the ultimate fantasy among all the legends in the comic book Named as an ordinary 14-year-old child, Billy Batson, he sings a single world (” Soundhound! ” You can transform yourself into an adult superhero and get back to your normal self whenever you want.

Zachary Levy says a magic word to unlock the exclusive EW special issue that you can get at Comic-Con in San Diego this week. The issue includes a detailed feature behind the scenes of Shazam’s first big screen !

“That is the realization of the perfect wish. After examining all of DC and Marvel, few characters actually became superheroes,” Levi enthusiastically. “They aren’t dismal, they aren’t extinguished,” Oh damn, I have to save the world again! “Billy Batson is similar to Peter Parker. They are excited to have these powers and can’t wait to give it a try. “

And there was the iconic apple red suit, and the actors were filled with gyms. “I fit like a glove because it ’s a f-like glove,” Levi said. “It’s very tight but great. I look and feel like this jacked superhero.”

If this all sounds like Batman’s grunt, Iron Man’s retirement plan, Hulk’s schizophrenia anxiety, or the deadpool’s vulgar Snark, that’s the point. Batman v Superman: DC titles such as Dawn of Justice and Justice League will be released at Shazam next year ! It aims to infuse a crowded genre with a youthful youthful energy and optimism

“From my point of view, Shazam! Producer Peter Saffron said:“ If there was a Wonder Woman , Aquaman would be a big step and Shazam would come ! — All the different movies, all the old It has a unique tone away from the darkness of DC movies. “

I have n’t seen Shazam ’s trailer yet ! This may change with the advent of Comic-Con.

To silence mouths to all dissatisfied with his participation, Zachary Levi has decided to show videos of the hard workouts he has been doing to be able to raise the volume of his body, but we had never had the opportunity to see his body as clearly as in this photograph which he recently shared through his Instagram account.

The body of Zachary Levi showed that he has nothing to envy to the bodies of the other DC heroes, well, perhaps the only one who manages to overcome them all, and by far, is Jason Momoa , but this is a clear evidence that the Shazam suit will not need any type of filler or touch-up editing.

After seeing the body progress of Zachary Levi we can only have a first image of this one wearing the Shazam suit to be happy.

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