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The amount Each ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Makes Per Episode

How much money Game Of Thrones stars make

10 years prior, the prospect of a fantasy based TV rounding up a record-breaking 12.1 million watchers for a season finale would have been insane. Be that as it may, we’re discussing Game of Thrones here. The makers of this show are paying gobs of cash and receiving the benefits of their speculation. So, how much The amount Each ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Makes Per Episode.

One of the show’s prime speculations is their cast who, because of the prevalence of the show, has ascended in popularity and star power. This implies as the season’s advancement, so too do the cast’s check. Heading into Game of Thrones Season 8 (debuting April 14), this is what the priciest of the pack will be paid for each new episode, as indicated by reports from Deadline and Hypebeast:

Maisie Williams: $150,000 USD (generally $212,000 AUD)

Sophie Turner: $150,000 USD (generally $212,000 AUD)

Lena Headey: $500,000 USD (generally $706,000 AUD)

Emilia Clarke: $500,000 USD (generally $706,000 AUD)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: $500,000 USD (generally $706,000 AUD)

Subside Dinklage: $500,000 USD (generally $706,000 AUD)

Pack Harrington: $500,000 USD (generally $706,000 AUD)

As should be obvious the youngest of the group is kind of getting jibbed here. Maisie Williams is 21 and Sophie Turner is 23, so they’re a long way from the kids they were the point at which the first episode publicized in 2011. Likewise, you’ll see that these pays are genuinely comparable, yet as indicated by those previously mentioned sources, every individual contract was done independently and they coincidentally hit on generally same dollar value.

In the event that you missed it, here’s the full-length trailer for the upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 8.

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