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Historic Resignation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


The couple explained that it is a “transition” to forge a “new role” in the British monarchy. They will have their own charity institution.

Meghan and Harry, the Dukes of Sussex, decided to resign on Wednesday afternoon to their role in the British Royal Family as “senior Royals” and will become financially independent. A decision taken after a year of tensions between the Royals , with the courtiers and with Prince William, who had initially recommended to his brother Harry not to marry Meghan. A dialogue that produced a serious estrangement between the two and mediation of the sovereign. The Sussex made the decision to spend Christmas away from the Windsor to reflect on their role and their future in the Court of St James, which is now finally known.

In a statement posted on their Instagram page, the Sussex announce that “after several months of reflection and internal discussions, we chose to make a transition this year by beginning to carve out a new progressive role with this institution.”

“We try to step aside as” seniors “members of the Royal Family and work to be financially independent , while continuing our full support for Her Majesty, the queen” continued.

Megan and Harry added in their statement that they “plan to balance our time between Britain and the United States, continuing to honor our obligations to the Queen, the Commonwealth and our patronages.”

“This geographical balance will allow us to educate our son in appreciating the real traditions in which he was born while providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of a new charitable entity, ” they clarified.

In his historic but not unexpected resignation , the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will share the next steps with their followers. “We will continue to collaborate with Her Majesty the Queen , the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and all the relevant parties. Until then please accept our deep thanks for your constant support, ”they announced.

The news came a day after Meghan, Harry and Archie discreetly arrived in Britain from their six-week vacation in Canada, where they thought for a long time what their future would be. They discussed it with Meghan’s mother and her friends during the Christmas holidays at the mansion they had rented on Vancouver Island in Canada.

The Sussex had visited yesterday the high commissioner of Canada in London, Janice Charrete, to thank him for his stay in his country and did not rule out a tour of the country. Then they unofficially arrived at the kitchen that supports Meghan among the residents of Grenfall Tower, the towers burned in the fire in Kensington.

Meghan and Harry have broken with a tradition among the seniors of the Royal Family with their resignation, when Prince Charles, future king, wants to reduce him and his wife Camilla, the future King William, his wife Kate, and their three children, including the heir George, in the midst of Prince Andrew’s pedophilia scandal.

The future ruling king believes that this mini royal family can save the British monarchy, which has been questioned again and must fight for its survival , in another horrible year for Queen Elizabeth. Prince Harry and Meghan were misplaced in those priorities. But they paid a high cost for their loss of privacy and exposure because they are extremely popular.

The Sussex clashed with the British tabloids for invasion of their privacy and tried them. A case without antecedents among the royals, who have a functional and pragmatic relationship with the tabloids, who report daily on their activities. Harry felt that this game led his mother, Princess Diana, to death and he was not going to repeat it.

It is not clear even if they will maintain their titles and their rank of Royal Highness, as they currently have. Being financially independent means that they will not be part of the Civil List , with which British taxpayers maintain the monarchy.

But the safety of Prince Harry, a former veteran in the war in Afghanistan as a pilot of Apache combat helicopters and his son Archie, must be insured by the British police, wherever they live, and paid by taxpayers. A figure that could reach 600,000 pounds per year. Normally, six Sussex custodians have their journeys.

Yesterday the Dukes of Sussex reported their plans to the queen and Prince Charles. But so far there is no official reaction from Buckingham Palace , where his court was located since his separation from the Cambridge in Kensington Palace.

The queen pays 5 million pounds annually to the Sussex of the 82 million she receives from the civic list . At Frogmore House, a wedding gift from the sovereign in Windsor Park, they have a butler, two assistants and two helpers but no chef because Meghan loves to cook.

Harry’s fortune is estimated at £ 28 million after the inheritance of his mother, Princess Diana, and Meghan’s at $ 7 million for her work as an actress. Prince Charles also contributes money to his two sons of the Duchy of Cornwall, which are the extensive lands that belong to each prince of Wales.

His project is to live between the United States, Canada and Britain , where they have a house given by the queen at Frognore House. But where some parts were paid by the subjects, with strong criticism as well as the use of private airplanes when environmentalists are declared.

The Sussex made the decision to resign on Vancouver Island, in a 10 million pound mansion that a friend of Meghan got and whose owner does not want to reveal his name. They managed to remain anonymous for almost a month in Canada, where she lived while filming her television series Suits.

Harry is sixth in the line of succession and a Royal, even if he doesn’t want to. He has obligations to the queen and must surely fulfill them. But the Sussex are considering moving to Canada and eventually disappearing to have a private life, without formal obligations, with a life dedicated to producing documentaries in the United States and charitable actions.

Before the spectacular announcement, the Duchess of Sussex visited the British National Theater where she is patron. Meghan had explained in her documentary, so criticized in Britain, since her tour in South Africa that she had a hard time adjusting to her Royal life and the lack of emotion and spontaneity that those obligations implied. The American Duchess feels racism in the kingdom and the isolation of the courtiers and other members of the Royal Family towards her and her Californian culture of life.

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