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Longest Running TV Shows 2019

The Longest Running Television Shows

Grey’s Anatomy” as of late made TV history by turning into the longest-running primetime restorative show, outperforming “ER.” Meredith Gray and friends have been sparing lives and opposing chances since 2005, piling on 332 scenes (and checking). While great, it’s not even close to the highest priority on the rundown over all classes. Here are the Top 10 longest-running TV Shows: –        

Dallas – 1978-1991 – 357 scenes

J.R. Ewing. The name says everything. Indeed, that and ravenousness, control and shakedown. The Texas oil noble utilized them all to accomplish his desire. Also, remember his lenient spouse Sue Ellen.

NCIS – 2003-present – 369 scenes and checking

This is “CSI” with a military bend. Join the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Major Case Response Team and Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs as they settle violations, simply watch the back of your head.

My Three Sons – 1960-1972 – 380 scenes

Watch as single man Steve Douglas brings up his three children (truly, it’s in the title). The children grow up and the family extends.

Bonanza – 1959-1973 – 431 scenes

The experiences of another single man, yet this time in the Old West. Ben Cartwright and his children Adam, “Hoss,” and “Little Joe” run and protect their farm while helping the encompassing network during the 1860s.

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet – 1952-1966 – 435 scenes

This sitcom featured the genuine Nelson family – Ozzie and Harriet Nelson with their two children Ricky and David. As Rick Nelson, Ricky went on to a music profession and ended up one of the greatest adolescent icons of the 1950s.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – 1999-present – 450 and checking

The wrongdoings are repulsive – assault, rape, and kid attack – however, we want to watch the uncommonly prepared squad of analysts of the NYPD understand them.

Law and Order – 1990-2010 – 456 scenes

A bend on the great wrongdoing dramatization, moving toward the story from two distinctive vantage focuses – the police examination and the criminal court case. The narratives were frequently adjusted from current features.

Lassie – 1954-1971 – 591 scenes

“What is it, young lady? Timmy tumbled down a well?” Thanks to the Martin family and their darling collie, Lassie, that is a piece of the American vocabulary.

Gunsmoke – 1955-1975 – 635 scenes

Evade City’s an extreme spot, yet Marshal Matt Dillon was capable for two decades.

The Simpson’s – 1989-present – 653 scenes and checking

Parody. Disrespectfulness. Duff Beer. The Simpson family and whatever remains of Springfield have been dishing it out for a long time.

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