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Jeffree Star breaks his relationship with Nathan Schwandt

Jeffree Star breaks his relationship with Nathan Schwandt
Jeffree Star breaks his relationship with Nathan Schwandt

After 5 years of being together, Jeffree Star breaks his relationship with Nathan Schwandt 

Makeup mogul Jeffree Star and her boyfriend Nathan Schwandt are done. The famous singer would have been with Nathan for 5 years, after meeting him through social networks. 

His relationship had been surrounded by rumors from his fans, so he uploaded a video explaining how his break was. 

Their breakup had been speculating for months by fans, so Jeffree appeared to break the silence in a YouTube video titled “We Broke Up.”

In the video he explained to his fans: “We are a few weeks that Nathan and I are no longer together and I don’t even know where to start. There is no easy way to say this, but we parted. I have used a lot of this quiet time alone. to try to heal me, we are both in a state of shock, I am devastated, I am so sad and the love of my life is no longer with me … “

I no longer wake up beside him. He is no longer here every morning. “The beauty expert explained that it took a while” to stop healing his heart “, as he had worried his fans about being inactive in their social networks for a few days. We have both been through a lot in recent years, “he said, and confessed that he feels he” owes “fans an explanation.’

“Nathan is the only man I’ve ever been in love with. I know he’s not here today, but he wanted to say hello and send his love to everyone,” Jeffree said in his video. The star went on to say that Nathan never wanted to be in the spotlight, yet he has been the man who has loved him openly.

Even rumors were made that his mother had lost his life, Jeffree also clarified that he is “fine now.” “I am so devastated but … at least there are no crazy gossips.” He also clarified that he and his ex-partner will be “friends forever” and that he can visit his dogs whenever he wants. Jeffree drew attention to his mental health and that of his ex-boyfriend, talking about the loss of Nathan’s grandfather and the couple’s Diamond and Daddy dogs.

“We have not yet completely processed that … because this lifestyle is very crazy,” Jeffree confessed. “He and I have never sat down and processed our emotions. We are both broken. We were both so busy being for each other that we forgot to be there for ourselves.”

Referring to past claims that Nathan was only with him for the money, Jeffree explained that they met before his success, and that “never changed.”

He concluded by saying: “I think there are many things we deal with in our daily and private lives that people never know and things we deal with, such as mental health and today it’s not about venting anyone’s hidden truths … it’s about sharing what is happening. ” 

To conclude the video he paid tribute to 2 fans who recently lost their lives, giving a message where he stressed that “we need to enjoy those who accompany us because we do not know how long they will be there.”

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