Selena Gomez Rare 2020
Selena Gomez Rare 2020

It has been made to beg, but finally, Selena Gomez has released a new album: Rare . With 1 3 new songs, the artist has made her millions of fans happy, demonstrating that, despite her many facets, she has not forgotten that of a singer. Of course, it has taken more than four years to return to the study.

Selena Gomez Rare 2020

Of course, we were also dying to listen to the entire album. Above all, after Sel reached his first Billboard number 1 with Lose You To Love Me , Rare’s first single that he released a few months ago. And what do we think? Rare has caused us different sensations that we wanted to share in these lines.

Rare , it’s only fine when Selena is better than ever

Selena is not one of the best pop voices, but, after a decade in the industry, she has become one of the princesses of the genre. Perhaps, part of Gomez’s magic is found to have been one of the most followed (and persecuted) stars in the world of the last decade. And why do I say this? Because until the last word of his songs can be analyzed by his followers and followers to learn a little more about his life.

Thus, it is inevitable that Rare’s first two singles , Lose You Love To Love Me and Look At Her Now , are pop history and the best of the album. The first is a beautiful ballad in which the star closes forever the chapter of his life with Justin Bieber. Selena opens up on the channel and talks about how much it has cost her to forget the singer, but that she has learned to love herself and is better than ever. The second, full of optimism, is a one hundred percent danceable theme where Gomez releases the braid and demonstrates how good it is now. Without a doubt, they have been the best cover letters of this album full of light.

Despite having spent four years, Rare could function as a natural continuation of Revival . Selena returns to bet on the same formula: an outstanding production and a whispered voice in forty percent of the songs. As for the genre, Selena has not wanted to get out of that pop dance with touches of R&B that worked so well in the past.

The best thing about the album, without a doubt, is the care of the production. Topics such as Rare (which gives its name to the album) or the hard-working Let Me Get Me (special mention to those chorus choruses) are the proof of that. It is inevitable to get lost in their sounds, leaving the letter and voice of the star in the background. But it’s what happens when you whisper so much.

A theme that catches the attention of the album is Ring . With a growing base, Selena’s voice joins that of a choir that reminds of Cuban songs. A song that hooks from the first moment. This same formula, but without the Latin touch, repeats it again in Cut You Off . A theme where silences play a very important role.

Although the album has a great production, Selena has not risked much in the musical sense, repeating the same pattern as in her previous work. It is true that in Sweeter Place it puts a kind of robotic voice that has left me a little bewildered, but that has finally ended up hooking me.

Selena Gomez has made a good album, there is no doubt about that, but I would have liked her to take more risks. Rare is fine, although Selena is better than ever.

My top 3:


2. Let Me Get Me

3. Sweeter Place

Selena Gomez, more normal than Rare in the come-back that her fans needed (by Javi Rodrigo )

Four years without a Selena Gomez record are long, although if there are snacks along the way like Wolves or his forays into the Latin boom – Taki Taki , I Can’t Get Enough – , it’s more enjoyable. Now Rare brings us, and for better or worse there is no trace of the logical evolution that one would expect after this time.

It is true that Selena has an artist profile that does not need a change to succeed, and although Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now showed a differential point, the truth is that Rare is a set of ups and downs -intended ? – on an emotional journey of thirteen songs.

This is demonstrated in the song of the same name on the album, which opens the album with a pop formula that would square well in some discard of Camila Cabello or Halsey and that can get pissed off by its simplicity, until you realize that it fulfills the function of ‘intro ‘ to perfection. Dance Again , however, already confirms the condition of a versatile disc that is Rare with a darker voice and lyrics that, together with LYTLV , show that Selena has a lot to say.

Vulnerable brings the R&B freshness that the album claims, and opens the ban on songs that, without highlighting especially none, take turns between the stuffing and the temazo: While People You Know becomes repetitive and does not contribute practically anything else to the album that an interlude that relaxes the thematic intensity of a song; Other themes such as Fun fulfill the same function but with a fun touch.

Cut You Off, with melodies and choruses that will delight fans of Taylor Swift, begins to say goodbye to the album until reaching Sweeter Place , an allegory to the well-being of the most epic that dances between PC Music and urban music, but that It is reinforced with a pop aura that closes a clear message: Selena is back.

My top 3:

1. Vulnerable

2. Cut You Off

3. Sweeter place

Selena Gomez gets weird, gets hypnotic (by Adriano Moreno )

Selena Gomez, the last pop diva of her generation, returns to the frontline of the music scene after five years away (more or less) from the industry. In between, the singer has overcome a depression, has undergone a kidney transplant and has been involved in body and soul for thirteen reasons , series in which she acts as a producer, as well as being part of her soundtrack.

He has also collaborated with some renowned artists, because of warming the voice and not being forgotten in an era in which music, like everything else, expires after a couple of listeners. I peto much, for example, with Taki Tak i (Ft. Dj Snake, Ozuna and Cardi B), one of the most successful songs of 2018. He also liked his song with J Balvin, Benny Blanco and Tiny, Can’t Get Enough, but not by far reaped the same success.

Five years after the publication of his previous album, the artist now stars in the comeback demanded by his unconditional, a long-awaited return with which he intends to remind the whole world that his is to make music. For this hard work, the singer has produced a disc of 13 songs that bears the title of Rare and with which she wants to settle her pending accounts and regain her position within the pop royalty.

As a cover letter from Rare we had heard Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now . And yes, both songs are the best that the album offers. The first is a powerful ballad that earned him his first and deserved number 1 on Billboard. The second, a pop dance that brings out Selena’s most danceable facet. Both singles were not chosen by chance. Lose You To Love Me was perfect for playing the fiber talking about her turbulent relationship with Justin Bieber. With Look At Her Now, published just one day later, he offered his facet of breakers.

Both songs were instant hits and represent the two faces of Rare , an album with an exceptional production in which we meet the most sentimental and fragile Selena Gomez in songs like Vulnerable and LYTLV itself , but in which, of course, we enjoy Selena’s most powerful, warrior and fun, with Fun , A Sweeter Place and that wonderful half-time that is Rare . It also gets experimental. In Dance Again , without going any further, he plays with the foundations of the music of the 80s, while in Ring he takes advantage of the guitar (and a little tango) to become a heartbreaker.

In short, Rare is the natural evolution of Revival. Don’t expect gorgonites or a stream of overflowing voice. Selena Gomez does not have an overwhelming voice, but she shows off those personal and characteristic nuances thanks to a hypnotic production that takes special prominence in this work to get the best out of it.

My top 3:

1. Lose You To Love Me

2. Vulnerable

3. Rare

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